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vito oil filter system


  Vito oil filters "With out question one of the best equipment investments our restaurant chain has ever made. We have seen up to 50% in oil savings."

  Vito oil filters "We have a six pot deep fryer system, with an annual oil consumption of approximately 22,000 liters. Since we started purchasing the Vito 50 units we have seen a substantial increase in the quality and life of our oil. We save up to 40% oil. Vito 50 is very easy to use."

  Vito oil filters "We have cut back our usage of oil by half on a weekly basis therefore helping our profitability. With these savings we should be able to payoff our machine within 8-10 weeks."

  Vito oil filters "We started using a VITO 50 over 6 months ago and we went from changing our oil twice a week, up to getting 5 to 7 days. It is way faster and easier than what we had to do before. You can see a visible difference in the color and quality of the fried foods."

  Vito oil filters "We love the Vito and we see less changes of oil. The product quality on fried items is better for longer periods. Over the past two and a half months we have saved about $4,500. We are highly impressed."

  Vito oil filters "We have been using the VlTO for four weeks. We are getting double the time out of the oil. We have now bought the second VlTO Oil Filtering System."

  Vito oil filters "I have been using the Vito 80 filtering system for a little over two months now and am very impressed. My oil consumption has been cut from eleven pails of oil down to six per week. We only run two fryers here, but they are kept very busy because of the amount of fish, wings, nacho and fries that we blanch and cook throughout the week. The quality of the oil is always top notch."

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